Our Strengths

The technology is derived from Japanese factories and is managed by Japanese production and quality management systems.


Although optical communication started earlier, it only began to entermetropolitan areas due to the developed network in recent years, which greatly drives up the demand for optical communication components.There are three requirements to stand out as a world-class component supplier in this industry:
  • Knowledge of new product trends and access to information;
  • Knowledge of process technology changes (e.g. changes in film types, equipment changes, changes in coating technology, etc.); and
  • Mass production technology: Optical components require a high degree of precision, and failure to improve mass production yields will result in very limited profitability.  
Our Company combines the expertise and talents of the US, Japan, and Taiwan. The U.S team is responsible for providing information on new products; the Japanese teamfor providing instruments and equipment, maintaining the efficiency of production equipment, and developing the Japanese market; the Taiwaneseteam for mass production and management.