About Us

Company History
  • In 2001, established Hermosa Optics Inc.
  • In 2007,passed ISO 9001 international quality management system certification.
  • In 2011,passed ISO 14001 international environmental management system certification.
  • In 2020,passed IATF 16949 automotive quality management system certification.

About Us
Hermosa Optics Inc. is a major supplier of thin-film optical filters in Asia. Its production base is located in the Taichung Export Processing Zone, and its products are supplied to several well-known lens module assembly companies in Taiwan as well as leading consumer optoelectronics manufacturers in Korea, Japan, and the United States.The Company's core technology is focused on the design, manufacture and production of a variety of optoelectronic products, especially thin-film optical filters, which are used in optical LCD projectors, digital cameras, mobile phone cameras and other related products, and will continue to develop and manufacture a wide range of optoelectronic components in the future.

Business Philosophy
Hermosa Optics Inc. vision is to become a world-class manufacturer of thin-film optical filters and a leader in advanced process technology.With our stable film technique, advanced equipment and mature high-cleanliness process technology, coupled with our abundant human assets and the enthusiasm of our management team, we believe that Hermosa Optics Inc. will become a pioneer in the field of thin-film optical filters and will aim to become a world-renowned and high-level technology leader with our continuous technological advancement and leadership.